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by Rhonda Pethoud on 06/27/14

GoDiaper has been trying to source sunscreen towelettes for several months.  As of today, we regret to announce that sunscreen towelettes are not going to be available to be included in our Swim and Toddler packs.  As a result, what we have decided to do is offer small sized tubes of sunscreen as a separate purchase on our website.  This way, parents can decide if they need only a small tube or if they can carry the bottle of sunscreen they would normally use.  We are in process of obtaining these small tubes that will be offered for sale; they will not be included in the Swim and Toddler packs but will be offered for sale separately.

I won't comment on the governmental process that caused the fine companies we've worked with to pull sunscreen towelettes from their catalogs.  GoDiaper is trying to offer sunscreen because it is so important for a child's health - we encourage all parents to consider how they are going to manage the application of sunscreen when they outside for any period of time, and we hope that offering small tubes of sunscreen will be helpful to parents.  

Small tubes of sunscreen should be available for purchase in our store within the next 30 days.

Update on Sunscreen Wipes, February 2014

by Rhonda Pethoud on 02/16/14

GoDiaper has removed the sunscreen wipes from our packs in accordance with the FDA ruling of 2012 which stated that after June 2013, sunscreen wipes will not be allowed for sale unless they meet new standardized regulations.  Unfortunately, our supplier has elected not to offer sunscreen wipes in their catalog; two other companies we were interested in have pulled the wipes from their catalogs as well.  We have found one company who produces baby-safe sunscreen wipes in accordance with the new FDA regulations and are working on obtaining the wipes for use in our Deluxe Swim Packs. When we are able to again offer the Swim Packs for sale, the option to purchase will reappear in our GoDiaper store.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Sunscreen Dilemma

by Rhonda Pethoud on 08/20/13

GoDiaper has a dilemma: what to do about the FDA finding that sunscreen wipes are possibly not fully effective in preventing sunburns.

We road-tested the sunscreen wipes for a full week at DisneyWorld in 95+ degree temperatures.  One wipe per one kid, ages 5 and 8 - I used them myself as well.  No one got a sunburn so we decided they were as effective as Diamond Wipes said they would be, and began offering them in our Pull Up Packs and Swim Packs.  Of course one has to be vigilant and reapply the sunscreen every few hours, but our packs are designed for just a couple hours so you'd need a new pack anyway.

The FDA determination allowed small companies an additional year to deplete their supplies and find an alternative.  In that time, Diamond Wipes has been working on an alternative and they are in the testing phase now, so it shouldn't be much longer until they have a solution for us.  After June, 2013 we are not allowed to include sunscreen wipes with our packs.  Most sunscreen companies simply don't produce a small pack that will work for our purposes.  We love that Diamond Wipes is a California based company and we're not buying from overseas, so we're willing to wait for them to find a solution.  We hope you will be patient as well.

Pull Up packs and Swim packs will be shipped with an extra pack of baby wipes in lieu of the sunscreen to give  you added value for your money.  We apologize for the inconvenience and include this link so you can read about the FDA results:

Stay tuned, we'll find a solution!

GoDiaper On Zulily!

by Rhonda Pethoud on 06/24/13

Go-Diaper has again been invited to participate in a Zulily Baby Week event!  

The "Pack Your Diaper Bag" event will open on Zulily (www.zulily.com)  at 6AM Pacific time on June 25th.  GoDiaper featured products are our Pull Up Plus packs sold in sets of two and Quick Dine packs sold in sets of four.  Don't miss this opportunity to stock up on GoDiaper packs at great prices!

GoDiaper has temporarily suspended offering our packs on Amazon until we resolve a shipping issue.  We'll be back on Amazon shortly; in the meantime you can visit our store and check out via PayPal or send us an email at support@godiaper.com and we'll be happy to ship your order right away.

See you on Zulily!


by Rhonda Pethoud on 04/05/12

We are thrilled to announce that Go-Diaper is now a Registered brand with the United States Trademark Office!  It takes a very long time to accomplish a Trademark application, about a year from start to finish, and even longer for a patent application.  We are now legally allowed to use the  ®  like this: Go-Diaper®

By extension, the packs that we produce are protected under our trademark as well. 

In the coming weeks we'll be updating our artwork to reflect this new classification.  We've also added the PinIt button to our site so you can pin your favorite products.  Who doesn't love Pinterest?  We'll be adding a new pack soon too! 
Stay tuned. . .

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